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Whether you are running a startup or an enterprise, we might have a relevant Influencer Marketing Service for your industry and requirement. All of the influencer marketing solutions – without the hassle and execution woes.

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With 2.3 billion active users on YouTube & Instagram, it is predicted to become a leading video consumption platform by 2025 according to Google. Reach the target consumer audience your brand needs by campaigning for an audience that consumes 150 million hours of content globally.

Our team of experts and trusted influencers will assist you to grow your brand visibility and create high-quality content that drives engagement to significantly increase your search dominance.

Best Influencer Marketing in Bangalore

Some Influencer we have bring on-board for our client


Niche Fitness Product Promotion:

A fitness product company collaborated with influencers who specialize in a specific fitness niche, such as yoga, CrossFit, or home workouts. The influencers created engaging content showcasing the product’s benefits and how it fits into their fitness routines. This targeted approach helped the company reach a highly relevant audience, resulting in increased brand visibility and product sales.


Recipe and Food Ingredient Promotion:

A food ingredient brand partnered with food bloggers and culinary influencers to create unique recipes using their product. The influencers shared step-by-step cooking tutorials, highlighting the versatility and taste of the ingredient. This campaign generated significant engagement, recipe shares, and increased product awareness among food enthusiasts.


Travel Destination Promotion:

A tourism board collaborated with travel influencers who had a strong presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The influencers documented their experiences in the destination, showcasing popular attractions, local culture, and hidden gems. Their captivating content inspired their followers to explore the destination, leading to increased tourist visits and positive destination perception.


Fashion Collaboration and Styling Tips:

A clothing brand partnered with fashion influencers who aligned with their target audience’s style preferences. The influencers created lookbooks, styling tips, and outfit inspiration posts featuring the brand’s latest collection. This campaign not only increased brand visibility but also drove traffic to the brand’s website and boosted sales.


Home Decor and Interior Design Inspiration:

An interior design brand collaborated with influential home decor bloggers and interior designers. They shared content showcasing the brand’s products in beautifully designed spaces, offering tips for creating stylish and functional interiors. This campaign generated brand exposure, website visits, and valuable user-generated content as followers shared their own decor using the brand’s hashtag.


Cause-Related Influencer Campaign:

A socially conscious brand partnered with influencers who were passionate about a specific cause aligned with the brand’s values. Together, they raised awareness and funds for the cause through engaging content and collaborations. This campaign not only promoted the brand’s social responsibility but also connected with a wider audience who resonated with the cause.


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Treehack did an amazing job of making our vision come to life! We love it and are glad that we choose Treehack for our website development. Working with the team was so professional. Highly recommend Treehack !!!
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I am happy with your work.I am glad I choose Treehack to be a part of the Aaroh team. We all earn our living by working. The question is how honest we are. So keep going the way you are going. Don't change.You will find many supporters like me.
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