Check Out CRED’s IPL AD That Features Rahul Dravid

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CRED is well-known for its campaigns created with the Bollywood icons of yesteryears. For this IPL 2021, CRED has taken its first advertisement to a whole new level. CRED or Great for the God is a six-film campaign that released a 23-second video that features the face of Jim Sarbh and the unexpected appearance of the Indian cricketing legend Rahul Dravid. This never-seen-before advertisement grabbed the attention of many netizens, and CRED did an excellent job. 

Things to know about the advertisement

Early Man Films created CRED’s IPL 2021 advertisement, and it showcases Rahul Dravid in an angry avatar experiencing a complete meltdown while stuck in traffic. Even though it’s just a small film, the cricket legend losing his cool was seen during the IPL 2014, when a match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians was conducted. He was showing smacking his cap angrily to the ground when his team showcased a poor bowling performance. CRED’s IPL 2021 advertisement did a lot better than the last year’s one, where it received mixed reviews from the people. Overall, the ad contains a unique storyline, and Rahul Dravid’s acting chops made the ad a lot more interesting. 

What made the video so famous?

After CRED released its IPL 2021 ad, it went viral on the social media platform and all thanks to Rahul Dravid for making a surprise appearance that left many people amazed. KV Sridhar, who is the CCO of Nihilent Hypercollective Global, coined the name The Wall for the cricket legend had some good things to say about the CREDs ad campaign. 

He expressed that no one ever used the cricketing legend as CRED did, and it was worth watching. KV Sridhar also added that the campaign for last year was a miss, according to him. He was delighted to see that CRED learned from its past mistakes. Even though CRED served the right of commercial benefits, the brand came out much more substantial and presented a mind-blowing campaign. 

What do the big names in the industry have to say?

After the CREDs ad went viral, many well-known and reputed individuals within the industry have expressed their thoughts on it. The founder of Almond Branding, Shashwat Das, claimed that the advertisement was Unbelievable

He also added that this one of the most similar reactions from everyone, and it’s the story everyone needs to drive home that CRED rewards them with points each time you pay the electrical bills. Shashwat Das also exclaimed that the best part about CRED is that it provides everyone with instances, and it’s intentional. 

On the other hand, Promoter of Brands and Serial Entrepreneur of Big Basket, Fresh Menu, Home Lane, etc. K. Ganesh tweeted about the campaign that he never enjoyed Bollywood celebrity ads, but this was simply outstanding. 

How did the netizens react?

After the advertisement started trending on Twitter, many of the netizens provided some exciting and fun reactions after watching it. Apart from that, numerous netizens have also praised Rahul Dravid’s acting skills and dubbed him as the Indiranagar ka Gunda. Due to the cricket legend’s surprise appearance and tremendous acting skills, some of the netizens pointed out in the interview with Oaktree Sport where Rahul Dravid said to make him the bad guy. Overall, the ad campaign of CRED received some positive reviews from the netizens and was well-liked by the fans as well. 

Ending Note

CRED worked hard with their IPL 2021 ad campaign, which enabled them to gain success in the end. The appearance of the cricketing legend and his excellent performance has made the entire advertisement worth watching. Want to see the ad? Visit the official Twitter account of CRED and enjoy. Also, the ad is available on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube.

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