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Youtube Video

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You do not require a high -quality camera to start making youtube videos, you can also use your phone or any other device that you have with a camera to make a video. Youtube videos can be of any time, formal, casual, etc. 

If you are a beginner who has always wanted to start a Youtube Channel, here are some tips you can consider to make a Youtube Video.

  1. Choose a Topic

In order to create a smooth flowing video, you need to have a particular topic or area of interest that you can make your videos on. If you like cooking, you can choose to make the video about your favorite recipe, you can also make it detailed by explaining the quantity and where your viewers can find the ingredients to make the dish. If you want to create an informational video, you can set up your camera or device in a particular place with a nice background and start recording. Choose any topic that you are interested in.

  1. Make a Script

Writing a script for your video will help you stay organized and you will be able to be more aware of what you are saying. Sometimes while filming you might lose your train of thought and start moving away from the topic, this might increase the amount of time as well as make your editing process difficult. Having a script helps you stay on track, you can refer to it while filming to keep your video concise and to the point. 

  1.  Lighting and Audio

To ensure that your video reaches more people and is easier to understand, make sure to film it in a well-lit place. You can use natural light for your videos, or you can also use a ring light or the help of a tube light or any other artificial light. Audio is a very important factor when it comes to watching videos. Even if the video is not very clear as long as the audio is clear, people are more likely to understand and watch the video. Audio can make or break a video.

       4.   Check the Current Trends

              While making a video for youtube, do your research. Keep yourself up to date with the current trends and also spark some ideas about the video you want to make. Some types of videos on Youtube are always trending, for example, vlog type videos. Try to use those filming methods to increase views and engagement for your video. You can also make funny scripts and use a unique approach while making your video. 

        5.   Editing 

            Nobody is perfect. You might make some mistakes while filming, nobody gets the whole video correct at one go. That’s where editing comes into play. You can always cut out extra clips or mistakes that you make. Adding sound effects and music to your video makes it more engaging and interesting. Try to use transitions but don’t overdo your editing. 

Now your video is ready to be posted. Make an attractive thumbnail that is relevant and related to the video that you have made. People are more likely to watch your videos if you are authentic and yourself. Be yourself and that’s all you need. Smile and be confident. 

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