Scary Enough! Halloween Brand Creatives To Check Out

Halloween creatives Campaign.

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Halloween, or all hallows eve, is not celebrated as much in India, as it is in the west; but it is fairly popular among the younger crowd. The pumpkin carvings, jack o’ lanterns, parties, candles and costumes, trick or treats, all are tapped into by the famous brands. The imagery of pizza hut, horror stories of ixigo, giving a truly serious fact the touch of horror by Yulu- all of which are just reflections of a unique Halloween creatives Campaign. Let us know about such social media campaigns:

  • Pizza Hut India

The famous pizza place placed an image with the usual motif associated with Halloween. The image showed a slice of pizza, overflowing with succulent toppings, just being separated from a whole circle. The stretched strands of cheese depict a typical screaming “ghost-face”. The company tags it with the line, “Once You See It, You Can’t Unsee It”. The play on the words accompanied by the image is quite a visual treat.


The famous travel website presents a host of situations that sends just a chilly feeling down the spine as a well-designed Halloween terror motif. They have used these situations quite intelligently and advertised their services in the wake of it. Some of them are quite well known, namely, forgetting ones’ passport at the home, a crying baby on a long-distance flight, sudden turbulence in a flight while trying to relax, and missing luggage after landing. The social media post had all the marks of a Halloween creatives Campaign. 

  • Yulu

The social media post by this micro-mobility service provider illuminated a rather stark and terrifying truth in the light of the Halloween spirit. Being a concern that provides eco-friendly riding solutions over short distances, they present a stark possibility slated to become true if the proper precautions are not taken. The message of an oxygen kit becoming a necessity by 2030 if pollutions are not reduced, does a three-pronged approach: assimilates with the Halloween horror, advertises the concerns services, and sends a social message.

  • Durex India

The contraceptive brand presents the message of using their branded products to prevent unwanted pregnancy in quite an artistic way. The image depicts the message “forgot to pull out” in classic dripping blood lettering, with the “O” as a skull, and two batwings as the background. The message contains the feature of piquing the interest of the viewer as well as promoting the brands’ product. 

Apart from these, some other Halloween creatives Campaign that was discussed in the social media platform can be named as Mutual Funds Sahi Hai, Dineout India, Swiggy, IndiGo, KFC India, Freecharge, Manforce Condoms, and many more. 

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