5 Best Friendship Day Campaigns Of 2020

Friendship Day Campaigns

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The International Friendship Day of 2020 was on the 2nd day of August. Keeping the new normal in mind, the campaigns of friendship day by different companies had something novel to see and enjoy. Here are some of the online campaigns that attracted attention and were watched more than once by the netizens.

  1. Comedy Central India – #Quarantinelife

The video on Instagram was a warning and appeal to the people about the dangers of a crowd: especially the ones like a friendship day party. The animation shows the organizer welcoming his friends one by one and in the end, also admits one virion of the coronavirus too. In its usual comedic overtone, the channel spreads an important and necessary message among its followers.

  1. Dunzo

This Friendship Day Campaigns had an air of hope and good tidings of the future. An image shows the mascots of different well-known companies in the food manufacturing, telecommunication, electronics, spices, transportation, detergent sector partying while two mascots for Dunzo putting up a flier stating the writing “happy buddy party”. This fun and gamey approach perfectly catch the hope and wishes of a return to normalcy in its presentation. 

  1. Pepsi India – #Swagstar

The beverage company has posted a video depicting the continued meeting up of friends – although in the online mode. It portrays a group of friends dancing and singing along the background music – promising the friends near and far that they are always there, the party will continue, and all will be just like before with a bottle of the beverage the company produces. The score is peppy, the tune catches attention, and overall the feel-good factor is present.

  1. Snickers India

This campaign is a hilarious take on one of the first blockbuster movie that went on to become a legendary cinematic experience. The image shows the villain and one of the main protagonists of the film riding a bike together. The campaign raises the question that whether the reason for their enmity was plain hunger. The play on the famous dialogue of the movie is also an entertaining addition.

  1. Fevicol

Friends stick with each other through thick and thin – which is depicted in the picture posted by the famous adhesive brand. The inner message coalesces perfectly with the property of close friendships to stand the test and challenges of time. 

Other mentions

As most of this year was marred by the infection and spreading of COVID-19, the number of physical meetings reduced to a very low level with a subsequent increase in online meetings. Keeping with the theme, campaigns of Bacardi Breezer, McDowell’s No. 1, Mentos, mCaffeine, and other companies also merits a mention. 

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