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For us Indians, Independence Day is not just any other event but an emotion we feel towards our country. On this day, we reminisce about the sacrifices of our glorious freedom fighters and their battles, pay honour to them and celebrate the occasion. Colleges, offices, schools, Universities, and people of India celebrate it colourfully. During this tenure, various reputed brands and companies express and commemorate their happiness by coming up with different offers and campaigns. Most of the advertisements are related to Indian citizens, National Anthem, or freedom fighters. We have listed down the following Independence Day campaigns that have caught our notice immediately. 

Tata Tiscon

Tata Tiscon has paid a phenomenal tribute to our nation’s builders via this campaign. In this campaign, most Indians cannot identify the personalities of our country who have laid the foundation stone of major industries and sectors in India. Through this advertisement, they have tried to concentrate on remembering those who are often forgotten.


Parle-G is one of the oldest biscuit brands in India, which has remained closely knitted with the independence and freedom struggle of India. This 2.5 minutes campaign marks an honour to the Indian soldiers and focuses on their lives near the LOC. 

UCB or United Colours of Benetton

This campaign primarily concentrates on the concept of India united by harmony. It displays how a small act of mutual understanding and compassion can help every Indian live in peace and harmony irrespective of caste and creed. 


Vivo is a smartphone brand that has released a beautiful campaign regarding women’s safety in India and linked it to true freedom. The phone company wants to emphasize that women’s safety and independence should not be just for a particular time or a day, but for every day, especially at night after the dark. 

Tata Tea Premium 

Most of the companies create Independence Day campaigns to promote a brand and enhance sales. But Tata Tea premium has introduced a campaign called Desh ka Kulhad in collaboration with Rare Planet to display the richness of our soil and local artisans. The ad shows an incredible collection of hand-painted and handmade kulhads. All the sales through these campaigns will go to the Indian craftspeople suffering enough due to the COVID pandemic. 

Mahindra Adventure

This campaign of Mahindra Adventure supports the concept of right and freedom to education and knowledge, even to the remotest corner of India. Through this ad, they are urging numerous Indian people to join hands with each other for a great cause of donating books and other educational accessories to those in need.

Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto has tried to deliver a distinguishing angle to the Independence Day campaigns by pointing towards controllable plastic use. In this advertisement, the company has conveyed the message of what exactly does patriotism mean to everyone. It has also indicated the problem of single-use plastic in India and how we are coping up with it. 


Micromax is a mobile brand that is deeply rooted in India. On this Independence Day, the brand has commemorated a campaign that is still lingering in our minds. It displays how small Indian children craft the Indian flags and are treated with exceptional cruelty while making and selling them. The campaign also shows how people buy Indian flags to show off on 15th August and throw them away to lie on the floor and roads on the very next day. 


So these are some top Independence Day campaigns that we have across and left an impact on our minds. These are not only campaigns to a tribute to free India and the complications it is facing right now. Tell us which one among the above is your favourite!

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