Top Diwali Campaigns

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Diwali is one of the brightest festivals in India. But since 2020, people have been celebrating Diwali differently. Our home got lit up but we have to meet all our near ones virtually either on the mobile phones or the laptop. Diwali has introduced scope for many leading brands to enhance their sales by creating relevant and entertaining advertisements that have hit the correct cord of many people. These campaigns have also reinforced the concept of staying together in the tough time of pandemic by displaying celebration and bonds. Each year brands relevant to auto, consumer durable, FMCG, apparel, and many more spent an amount of money on the advertisements to enhance their sales. Thus, we have penned down a list of the Diwali campaigns below that have touched our hearts.


HP has quite a name for introducing campaigns that everyone looks forward to and this year Diwali is no longer exceptional. This outstanding video reminds us what Diwali stands for-unmeasured giving and selflessness. Through the perspective of an innocent child, the campaign indicates how our little gestures can bring happiness and light up someone’s life during the festivals.

Cadbury Celebrations

Cadbury is the only company that has not only promoted its campaign through this advertisement but has also concentrated on supporting various local businesses in it. It encourages the viewers to pick gifts from the local vendors all across the country as a way of Diwali celebrations. The campaign includes a nurturing, warm and festive tone and also resonates with the bonding of the family that the audience relates. Cadbury has become a sensible brand to encourage small businesses which have been severely affected due to the pandemic situation. 


Peps Company has invented a unique way to convey its message to avoid crackers during Diwali as it hurts the animals. It also promotes the banning of fireworks in this festival, protecting the animals as they get scared by their sound. 


Diwali seems incomplete with togetherness and smiles. Through this campaign, Vivo has made Diwali super special by showing the significance of spreading happiness and love to your near ones. It is smile-inducing and delightful, making everyone happy whenever you see it. 

Birla White

This campaign of Birla White is heart-touching and relevant due to the dynamics between the father-daughter duo. The sentiment and compromise in the words “next time” indicate how pandemics have affected the income sources of various people. Due to this, they might not be able to celebrate Diwali in grandeur like before this year. However, a helping attitude can bring an enormous smile to a face with ease, which is the primary motive of this campaign. 

Tata Sampan

Tata Sampan is a renowned food brand that has launched an advertisement primarily focusing on celebrating the Diwali festival as a family. It also shows the significance of the home-cooked snacks and sweets that everyone used to make during their childhood days. In other words, this campaign is a symbol of togetherness.

Mahindra Lifespaces

Mahindra Lifespaces is always vocal about expressing its unique ideas in the campaigns. Thus in their Diwali advertisement, it has thanked our homes and served as theatres, gyms, offices, schools, playgrounds, and more. The campaign celebrates the significance of our abode in this pandemic. 


The Diwali advertising campaign of Philips wonderfully captures dependency. The ad displays the connectivity between the interlinked festivities. With delicate scenes, like buying an air fryer from a Philips store to getting a parcel, the campaign indicates how our economy is interconnected. 

Final Words

So these are the top Diwali campaigns that have topped our list. Which one have you loved the most, kindly write to us? 

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