Top 7 famous Bloggers Of Yoga You Must Know

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Silhouette of the meditation man on the mountain.

We especially bring some famous bloggers for you people. If you’re trying to find the top yoga blogs to follow, chances are you’re a novice to the yoga community and looking for tips that will help you, new yoga poses to experiment with, or an inspiration to begin with the blog of your choice, then you are at the right place. Here we are covering some famous yoga bloggers to get your yoga regime set right.

We’ve selected the most popular yoga bloggers to ensure that you enjoy a dose of inspiration for yoga regardless of where you’re at!

The significant aspect of yoga is that it can be practiced practically anywhere, making yoga one of the top exercises to attempt even if you’re in your home.

Rachel Brathen(famous Bloggers)

Rachel Brathen

From healthy food to simple talk, Yoga Girl’s has everything. To get even more yoga inspiration, there’s also an active online community and podcasts (hosted by Rachel Brathen, the Yoga Girl herself), as well as yoga retreats and teacher training! Whatever stage your experience is at, there’s something to suit everyone in this area.

Jen Pastilof(famous Bloggers)

Jen Pastiloff, the blogger’s creator, Jen Pastiloff travels the globe with the unique program “On Being Human,” which is a blend of yoga-related movement writing, speaking out loud, letting sweat fly, and even occasionally, a dance party. Cheryl Strayed, the author of Wild and Wilder, has called Jen “a channel for awakenings.”

Jen’s goal and passion are to bring out the archetype of the wild woman, inviting the goddess to shine with all of her artistic beauty. If you’re ever thinking of attending a workshop led by her, be sure to bring your notebook, your open heart, and the desire to become more flexible and robust to take part in her classes.

If she’s not on the road as a teacher, she is on the streets of Los Angeles with her husband and son. They also enjoy an espresso.

Yogi Aaron

Yogi Aaron gives inspiring and encouraging messages in his voice that is not just practical but also speak directly to you.

His words help us be in touch with what matters.

This book is essential reading for everyone in the yoga community since it calls us to create the changes we want to see within our own lives.

He writes his Yoga blog is a source of self-empowering and ways to get transformational results in your life.

Jennifer Reis Yoga

The creator of “Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra”, Jennifer Reis, is an expert! From relaxing videos to energetic mudras, this site has something for all. Jennifer also provides individual sessions to those looking to go deeper.

Women in meditation while practicing yoga in a training room. Happy, calm and relaxing.

Elephant Journal

The guys are committed to sharing their good times beyond the band and to everyone who doesn’t know that they care about living a happy, enjoyable life that is good for everyone else and our world.

“The mindful life is all about organics, yoga and sustainability, conscious consumption, and enlightened education. It’s also about the contemplative art of adventure, biking, family, and everything. It’s all about the present moment at this moment, this very moment, as well as how to serve others and have a wonderful time doing it.”

The elephant has been in existence since 2002. It began as an online magazine.

After going national with Whole Foods, they were looking to “green” our methods (we had already been printed using eco-friendly paper).

They went online. They’re very independent! As such, they create compelling content.

Spoiled Yogi

Spoiled Yogi was created by an early and post-natal yoga instructor named Erica. It’s an excellent site for mothers-to-be or moms who are to get some tips on yoga. If you don’t fall in one of these groups, you’ll gain some insight by reading the blog’s archives.

Ishta Yoga

Ishta Yoga blog includes a helpful and informative teacher spotlight guide that will ensure you can identify the teacher who truly aligns with your; body, mind and soul. These same questions are also addressed to teachers, which results in an exciting read (i.e., “When did you begin the first class in yoga?” “What’s your most popular yoga posture?” etc.). Teachers also have the opportunity to discuss what they teach in their classes.

The community on the internet of yoga blogs is large. It isn’t easy to find blogs that provide authentic and informative content nowadays. But, some gems make an impression.

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