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Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated as an occasion that marks the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi-The Father of our Nation. We celebrate it on the 2nd of October and it is declared as the national holiday in India. To celebrate this day, various brands have released campaigns to remember the values and life of Mahatma Gandhi. He has always propagated the Indians to embrace the national products and manufacturers to promote local craftsmanship and industries. With the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous sectors have already gone out of business. Through various campaigns on this Gandhi Jayanti, the enormous brands have encouraged selling and using Indian brands to boost the indigenous industry. Let us check some of those campaign posts as follows.

Indian Oil

In this campaign, Indian oil is appealing to the Indian citizens to go local or swadeshi. It means they are urging people to purchase and endorse the products which get manufactured in our country. The background music is the most popular “Vaishnav Jan Toh” song, which celebrates the ideologies and values of Gandhiji and strongly supports the welfare of the citizens and its country. 

Tata Salt

Tata salt is famous for its position as “Desh ka namak”. Through this advertisement, it has tried to remind people what Mahatma Gandhi used to teach us. In this ad, people passing through the M.G. Road encounters Gandhiji’s voice with the help of sound beaming technology. Once the passerby gets attracted by the voice, they start interacting with the digital billboard. The screen then displays an image of a garbage littered beach, which later transforms into a clean one once the person looks into the eye of Gandhiji. This advertisement reinforces one of the most preached messages by Mahatma Gandhi, which is “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

Star Sports

Star Sports have published this campaign on Gandhi Jayanti to remind us what Bapu has taught us. In this campaign, renowned actors of Bollywood have recited the words of Mahatma Gandhi, which is an outstanding source of inspiration in these glooming times. They have reminded us to follow the attributes, like non-violence, courage, service, belief, peace, truth, and faith, which will help us to remain on the correct path in our life.

Hindustan Unilever 

Hindustan Unilever has conveyed a simple message to keep your country clean through this campaign. Bapu always preached to be the change that we want to observe. In this advertisement, various actors dressed as Mahatma Gandhi start cleaning the streets, which we often make dirty with our daily habits. The brand reminded us to remember Gandhiji and follow his values by changing our habits and making our environment clean.

Chitkara University

The students of the famous Chitkara University have honoured the man of great values-Mahatma Gandhi. In this campaign, the students have stated some of the famous quotes by the man himself. It also reminds the youths of India to follow the path of non-violence and truth to attain their ultimate goals in life.

Indian Express

On the birth anniversary of Bapuji, Indian Express has published a campaign expressing their various thoughts and values of him, which has encouraged the world and India to remain motivated. 


So, these are some powerful and impactful posts that have been published to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in India. Various brands and organizations have remembered the father of our nation by creating these outstanding advertisement campaigns. 

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