Top Christmas creative of all times

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Are all the stores decked up with the bells and snowflakes? If the answer is positive, then the festive season of Christmas is around the corner. It enhances the sales of various brands all across the world. Social media accounts of different companies switch to the fever of Christmas, several brands put up their ads on TV, newspaper, and YouTube, and all the digital campaigns come to life. Now you must be wondering what gets counted as a creative and outstanding Christmas campaign? Well, the brands successfully imply the marketing strategies in this festive season and reap out most advantages. Starting from customizing and merchandising the services to running creative digital campaigns and seasonal offers, the revenue can take a 360 approach during Christmas. Thus we have shared below the most creative Christmas campaigns of all time. 


Swiggy has unveiled a Christmas campaign bringing more than 300 women delivery partners under the limelight. The campaign shows a day in the life of a woman executive, starting from getting up, preparing the food till the time she is setting her foot to start the food delivery. It also gives a fresh perspective to define the Santa clause in our lives, as women can perfectly balance both their professional and personal lives to make sure that the food gets delivered to their customers on time. 

SBI Life Insurance

SBI Life Insurance has joined hands with WATConsult while launching a Christmas campaign known as Main se Hum. The advertisement concentrates on the activities of the real-life heroes, who source extra foods from the events, ceremonies, restaurants, and corporate meetings and distribute them to the deprived people. During Christmas time, they also organize fun events and distribute blankets to the children. They have already fed more than 200 underprivileged and homeless kids and adults. 

Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is one of the most famous retail companies in India, which has published a thoughtful Christmas campaign of Bano Kisi Ka Santa. This advertisement centres on the concept of celebrating the season of charity and gifting. Every festive season, the company reminds its customers to become someone’s Santa to those who do not have an opportunity to buy a gift for their family.


Faasos is a popular service takeaway that has introduced a purposeful Christmas campaign of what if wishes came true. In this campaign, the brand has planned surprises for various people all across the country. Here they have asked their customers to mention one thing that they wanted as a kid. They have received innumerable entries across their various social media handles and thus have lighted up the lives of some people in this merry season. 


Titan is one of the iconic watch brands in India which have published unforgettable advertisements in the past. In their Christmas ad, they have started a campaign of Gift of Time where they surprised some of their employees by giving them opportunities to meet their family and spend quality time with them. 


Santa Claus comes on Christmas with a duty of distributing gifts and spreading happiness among adults and children. But Vodafone has surprised Santa Claus in this campaign by giving them gifts in place of others. In this campaign, shoppers of a mall get surprised when the ZooZoo of Vodafone comes to the stage and starts giving out gifts to the Santa Clauses present over there. 

Final Words

So can conclude, these are some of the most captivating Christmas campaigns that have caught our attention. Since the customers get geared up as spending mode in the Christmas time, it is the best time to launch the campaigns for digital marketing to leverage this excitement. 

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