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Are you on the search for the best WordPress Travel Theme? If you are planning to establish a travel blog, you might want to go for an appropriate website design as well. WordPress has a plethora of exciting layouts that you can opt for!

Selecting from the extensive available options can be confusing indeed! However, we have simplified this process for you by curating the best available options in this domain. Therefore, the top 7 best travel WordPress themes are given below with exclusive features.

1. Neve(WordPress Travel Theme)

Do you want an SEO-optimized site for your travel website? Neve is the go-to WordPress theme for this requirement. SEO rankings play a crucial role in the functioning of your page, and the general audience reach that it garners.

Neve is a travel WordPress theme that specializes in this criteria. You can opt for this theme even if you own a tourism or a travel agency. This theme offers provisions for all of these requirements. You can also present your travelogues and pictures smoothly!

2. Elegant(WordPress Travel Theme)

Powerfully designed WordPress plug-ins can be a delight when you own a travel website! Elegant is a WordPress theme that is a one-stop destination for this prerequisite. In addition, travel blog owners can customize their landing pages according to their preferences.

Some of the other noteworthy features of this website include having masonry grid layouts paired with state-of-the-art typography. You can also include beautiful photo galleries and change the page templates frequently to avoid monotony!

3. Insight(WordPress Travel Theme)

Are you a beginner who would like to toy with drag-and-drop website themes initially? Insight is the perfect fit for you if you wish to start a travel blog from scratch with little to no guidance or experience.

This WordPress theme is ideal for travel photography websites primarily. The homepage of this theme comes with several widget-based presets that you can tap into! It also provides you with a selection of 3 color themes. Hence, this is a must-try WordPress Travel Theme!

4. Collecto(WordPress Travel Theme)

Generic, colorful themes may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Under these circumstances, a formal and unique WordPress theme can be just the right pick for you! Collecto is renowned for its inimitable theme modeled after magazine and newspaper layouts.

You can look for other similar newspaper WordPress themes here. Another feature that sets Collecto apart from other themes is the parallax effect for the background. The content archives that are available in this theme are also highly appreciated by users!

5. Tropicana(WordPress Travel Theme)

Tropicana is a must-try WordPress theme for all the nature lovers out there! If most of your travel stories and photography revolves around naturalistic themes and the environment, you can go for this WordPress theme without any hesitation.

Numerous pages help you organize your blog in a systematic, reader-friendly manner. For example, the main blog page is simplistically separated from the gallery section. You also have the facility to integrate other WordPress plug-ins without any hassles.

6. Essence Pro(WordPress Travel Theme)

Do you want to build an e-commerce store alongside your travel blog and obtain substantial profits? Essence Pro can come to your aid for this mandate. You can conveniently build an online store by using this WordPress theme.

Essence Pro is also famous for its running speed and efficiency. You will not face any lags or glitches in the functioning of your website. You can also present multiple stories on this page with the help of customizable headers.

7. Astra

Astra is not a WordPress theme specifically designed for travel websites per se and is more multi-functional. However, it also features a template that most travel bloggers opt for if they prefer a minimalistic theme.

This WordPress theme is comparatively easier to manage and run than most similar templates. Hence, Astra is the perfect choice for you if you do not want a heavily built template for your travel blog.


Travel blogs are currently one of the fastest-growing recreational and educational blogs. With the right tools and strategies, you can build a faithful reader base and also monetize your passion! The perfect WordPress theme can help you achieve this!

Our compilation of the best travel-related WordPress themes can assist you in this regard. The top 7 travel WordPress themes have been discussed above in depth. Multiple criteria have been considered to ensure a complete examination of all features. Happy blogging!

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