The Best Holi Ads Campaigns of All Time

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Holi, the vibrant and joyous festival of colors, is celebrated with immense enthusiasm and excitement across India and other parts of the world. It’s a time when people come together to spread love, happiness, and unity while smearing each other with vibrant hues. Apart from being a cultural celebration, Holi also serves as a significant marketing opportunity for brands to create memorable and impactful ad campaigns that resonate with the masses. In this blog, we will explore some of the most exceptional Holi Ads Campaigns that have left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

  • Surf Excel: “Daag Acche Hain”
    Surf Excel, a detergent brand, struck gold with its emotionally charged Holi Ads campaign titled “Daag Acche Hain” (Stains are Good). The ad revolved around the innocence of a young girl who helps a friend in need by getting herself dirty and turning her white dress into a canvas of colorful memories. The ad beautifully conveyed the message that Holi is not just about removing stains but embracing the joys of sharing, caring, and creating lasting bonds. This heartwarming campaign not only strengthened the brand’s positioning but also left a deep impact on the audience, emphasizing the importance of goodness and selflessness.
  • P&G: Iss Holi, ShareTheLoad
    This  campaign challenged traditional gender roles in a culturally significant way. The ad depicted a father’s realization that he had unknowingly perpetuated the stereotype of gender-based household chores and took a pledge to change this during the festival of Holi. The father leads by example, and the entire family joins in to celebrate Holi together, breaking barriers and sharing the load of household responsibilities. This powerful  Holi Ad campaign urged society to embrace equality and mutual respect, making it a standout Holi campaign with a meaningful social message
  • Bajaj Allianz: BuraNaMano. In this endearing 2018 Holi ad, watch as a group of friends revel in the vibrant festival of colors. Amidst the playful splashes, one friend’s concern over stained clothes reflects the fear of judgment. However, the camaraderie prevails, reassuring him that it’s alright to enjoy life to the fullest, even with imperfections.This heartwarming ad serves as a poignant reminder to embrace one’s true self and not be weighed down by societal expectations. It encourages us all to break free from the shackles of conformity and dance to the rhythm of our own hearts. Let this delightful ad ignite the spirit of self-acceptance and liberation as we celebrate the joyous essence of Holi.


Holi Ads Campaigns have consistently touched the hearts of millions, serving as a perfect platform for brands to connect emotionally with their audiences. These ad campaigns not only celebrate the essence of the festival but also deliver powerful messages of inclusivity, friendship, goodness, and equality.As Holi continues to inspire unity and joy, we eagerly await the next set of creative and inspiring Holi Ads Campaigns that will leave an indelible mark on our hearts

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