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Berger Paints

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Berger Paints is a well-known wall and home paint manufacturing company with a significant brand presence in India. Like all other established brands, they have a working digital media presence, and their marketing strategy includes lead generation, customer relationship management, brand or product cognizance, increasing engagement, and brand recall. In the lockdown period, they used the social media platform of Instagram to broadcast relevant messages to their prospective customers by diverse content provided by celebrities of different avenues. 

The objective

The lockdown ensued due to the continuing infection rate of the virus had severed the ties between several businesses and their customers. The Instagram campaign of the famous paint company was not only an exercise to power their digital presence and communicate with their customers, but to use channels that relate with the general public by providing significant, relevant, unedited, and empathetic content. The main objective of the campaign was to spread good thoughts and positivity while staying in the attention of internet users. 

Using celebrities as the brand influencer

Using celebrities to complete brand promotion is an age-old idea. However, the method still works. The general public is partial to know about the day-to-day activities of a celebrity, however, content that gives access to the asked details are always a favorite. Therefore, this method has undoubtedly more reliability when customer engagement and brand promotion is concerned. Here are some of the list of celebrities used for this campaign:

  1. Rannvijay Singha (Television Star)
  2. Akash Chopra (Former Cricketer and Indian Cricket Commentator)
  3. Adah Sharma (Actress)
  4. Yasmin Karachiwala (Celebrity Fitness Trainer)
  5. Pooja Makhija (Nutritionist) 
  6. Dr. Animesh (Surgeon)

They started two campaigns; Paint Your Imagination and Home Shield, where these celebrities talked about their daily lives in the lockdown, the ways they are countering boredom, and especially tips and methods to take care of themselves. The theme of shielding oneself by extending the immune system and spending time productively has been used as the theme for establishing their commitment with the customers.

Novel digital strategies

The message of the home is the safest shield was beautifully driven home through the involvement of celebrities. The campaign successfully delivered the message of staying home and safe while engaging in productive activities. This brand exercises a fruitful digital strategy complete with relatable and responsible content. Berger Paints concept of brand engagement with customers has redefined digital marketing and modified their approach to the customers. 

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