Best Raksha Bandhan Ads

Best Raksha Bandhan Ads by the Top Brands That Stand Out

Raksha Bandhan is a typical Indian festival for the sisters and brothers where they celebrate their relationship, friendship, and the promise to be at each other’s side in all situations. The festival is accompanied by an integral and much-awaited part of gift-giving, and quite naturally, the companies selling the appropriate products targets this demographic and design various ads. Some of the most distinguished and best Raksha Bandhan Ads in this regard are discussed as follows;

  • #Deliver the love- Amazon India

This advertisement was set apart because of its different approach to selling their product. Two of their advertisements-one from an aged brother’s perspective, and another from a sisters’- caught the attention of all the customers. In both ads, a younger member of their family is explaining the utility of Amazon and its reach in the different parts of the country. In both cases, the characters explain that the gifts don’t matter, but the loving thought behind them does. An end-credit voice then assures that the love had to be spread in person, for sending the gifts, the services of the company is available. 

  • Cadbury Celebrations

This was a short and sweet ad depicting the mischief and playfulness existing between two siblings- especially when they do not have much age-gap between them. The scene starts as a formal setting of an affluent family where all the members are present and seated in a proper formal setting. The sister puts on the celebratory kumkum mark on the brother’s forehead and promptly drops it on his expensive garment. 

After tying the rakhi, the brother first shows a very valuable ornament, which the sister puts aside. Then he smilingly reveals the box of Cadbury chocolates- which the sister playfully eats first while feigning to feed the brother. A mischievous banter ensues, upsetting the formal setting, but was smilingly encouraged by the elders too. Overall, the advertisement captured what they were trying to depict quite clearly. 

  • Chevrolet Cars India

The ad tried to capture the sweetness and the purity of the relationship between a brother and sister. Here, a busy lady doctor was seen to remember about the day by seeing a rakhi in someone else’s hand. She drives a car of the company to a hostel where her baby brother is waiting for her. When she reaches there, the young man had dozed off. Her sister gives him the rakhi and smilingly accepts the small token money her little brother was clutching in his hand. The message of the company’s product, serving as the bridge between the two far-spaced entities, was quite clear in this ad. 

Some other brands that produced significant best Raksha Bandhan Ads can be named; Idea Cellular, Tanishq, Ultratech Cement, Paper Boat, Post Pickle, and many others. 

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