The Touch Of Regional Culture In KKR’s Social Media Strategy

KKR's Social Media Strategy

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Kolkata Knight Riders, or as they are more known as, KKR, has become the representative of Bengal in the Indian premier league. Being the face of a place associated with most things cultural, their marketing strategy would have to be separate from other people. The Kolkata Knight Rider’s marketing strategy relies on the sentiments by leveraging everything associated with Bengal. When it comes to visual communication, they have an ace star up the sleeve in the form of Shahrukh Khan. His huge fan base has added to the numbers of the participants in their media. Here is KKR’s Social Media Strategy how it looks online;

Presence on Social Media 

KKR is one of the veteran teams of IPL and it had helped in course of collecting numerous fans. They design content according to the situation and optimize according to the visuals and events. They use crisp captions over the shared visuals on Facebook and Instagram. On Twitter, they prefer to be less professional and provide content prepared for quick consumption. A look at the number of followers will prove the effectiveness of Kolkata Knight Rider’s marketing strategy using social media:

  • Facebook: 16.2 Million followers
  • Twitter: 4.1 Million followers
  • Instagram: 2.1 Million followers

They use these platforms to share commentaries, updates and holding polls for generating engagement. Visual content is observed to include the players and GIFs, memes, and short videos are also utilized. A recurrent theme of these creations is the yellow taxi – easily associated with Kolkata and its whereabouts.  

Theme songs

Bengalis are a musical species and the theme song of any organized team will be an important factor here. Naturally, the theme songs of KKR also play a distinct role in the Kolkata Knight Rider’s marketing strategy. The team has released multiple numbers of theme songs since their establishment, and each of them had some common themes in them. These can be listed as follows;

  • The visuals always include the hordes of fans and the well-known landmarks of the city.
  • SRK will always be an important part of the narrative.
  • A catchy Bengali phrase will be used to bring the total project to fruition. 

Bengali essentials

This year, the team devising Kolkata Knight Rider’s marketing strategy banked on the matches being overseas and planned their campaign on the “being away during puja” sentiment. Numerous posts about the festival and its importance to the people of West Bengal were seen in their social media posts along with the classic “Kolkata taxi” motif. They have successfully integrated the nuances of Bengali emotion in their campaign, and the huge response to their profile easily proves this fact. 

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