Katrina Kaif Ad Campaigns That Made A Mark

The Top Katrina Kaif Ad Campaigns

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Katrina Kaif, or as she is known by her fans, Kat, has come a long way from acting in blink-and-miss roles to one of the most effective influencers in India. Advertisement companies choose their model according to their traits and how they are looked upon in real-life. Katrina Kaif is portrayed as her social dimension is, as an independent, intelligent, or industrious women. Let us know some of Katrina Kaif Ad Campaign ;

  • Yaadon Ki Deewar – Berger Paints India

This Katrina Kaif Ad campaign features the actress depicting her dream of establishing a “wall of memories” to immortalize her journey, from her childhood to her important memories, and especially one to celebrate her climb to superstardom. The wall where these pictures will hang shall be painted in the color prepared by the company. The shades and hues will be the perfect backdrop for her memories and moments.

  • Train – Fevicol

Here, the producer company gave a comedic touch to promote their product. Here, the actress is featured as the forbidden fruit a common man dreams to elope with but cannot because of the binding strength of the adhesive that pervaded even in the dreams of that person. The ad was a satiric approach to the apparent desire of a common man to yearn for the impossible, and the portrayal of Katrina as the “dream girl” was quite apt. 

  • Titan Watches – #HerLifeHerChoices

This advertisement was a depiction of the age-old question a woman faces- when to get married? Beneath a backdrop of wedding arrangements and a team of co-actors depicting the relatives- a voiceover of the actress urges the customer to not get married because of family pressure, marital status of friends, feeling lonely on valentine’s day, and especially because your former partner is getting married. Marry only when you meet someone that deserves your time. The product of the company integrated quite effortlessly with the message.

  • Ab Ras Barsega – Slice

This advertisement utilized the actress’s salient appeal to promote their mango-based beverage. With the background music of rustic folk songs and the backdrop of Rajasthani palace, the artist was seen to enjoy the luscious taste of the drink while oozing sensuality and innocence-a potent combination. The cuts between the drink bottle and juicy succulent mangoes complemented the video.

Apart from these, the actress was also featured in several advertisements, like Lux perfumes, Lenskart, Reebok India, Sony Xperia, Kalyan Jewellers, Metro shoes, and even her own company Kay Beauty, in association with Nykaa. 

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