10 Salon Digital Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Salon

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Salon digital marketing strategies can help salons to drive in more traffic. As a salon owner, you would surely like to have more clients and stand out from the rest. Initially, you may notice a lot of customers pouring in but you need to know the right tactics to keep up with that flow. It may seem to be a difficult task since you have a sea of competitors.

However, it is possible to do so if you have the right salon marketing strategies.

1. Create a dedicated salon website

These days having an online presence for businesses is a must due to the increasing number of internet users. Your salon website will create the first impression on your new clients and it will allow you to remain open 24*7.

Create a dedicated salon website,salon marketing strategies,salon ideas,        salon strategies,social media for hairstylists,

Your clients come to know about the services that are offered along with the price, the offers, and the discount coupons. It will encourage clients to pre-book an appointment.

2. List your salon in online directories

Creating your salon website will not suffice and getting your salon listed in online directories is crucial. As per findings, 70% of the potential customers check for a product or service in search engines before actually availing it. 

List your salon in online directories,

Since Google is the most commonly used search engine, listing your salon with Google My Business is a proven marketing strategy. Besides, people also refer to Yelp and Facebook before stepping into your salon.

3. Encourage good reviews

As per findings, about 92% of the customers rely on online reviews before making the final decision. A business without reviews creates a negative impression on customers even if it offers quality services.

Encourage good reviews

So request your clients to write reviews about your salon services and the use of salon review software is also recommended. The reviews must show up on your digital salon app or the salon website.

4. Offer referral discounts

You can offer your clients a small referral discount when they refer their friends to your salon and your services get advertised for free. Offering referral discounts would encourage your existing clients to bring new people to your salon enabling you to get new clients.

Offer referral discounts

5. Partnership with local businesses

In order to attract new clients, you can collaborate with local businesses that have the same line of business such as restaurants, bars, health clubs, fashion retailers, etc. Partnering with local businesses and making a combination offer will help you to get some good quality clients.

Partnership with local businesses

6. Loyalty Programs/Punch Cards

You will surely have some clients who are happy and satisfied with your salon services and they keep coming back to you. As a mark of good gesture, you can offer those loyal customers a free service, free product samples, or a gift card.

Loyalty Programs/Punch Cards

For example, as a part of a Loyalty Program, you can give customers a stamp for the first three services and offer the fourth one without having to pay anything.

7. Choose a central location

Choose a central location for your salon that has a higher footfall. You can choose places in the city that are most happening and that is densely populated. The most appropriate choice would be commercial areas rather than the outskirts of the city.

Choose a central location,salon digital marketing strategies

8. Promote on social media

When your salon has something special to offer, make sure that it appears on all your social media accounts that you have. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will enable you to spread the word that there is something worth trying out at your salon.

Promote on social media,salon digital marketing strategies

9. Advertise on Facebook and Google Ads

About 20% of the total Facebook users have purchased something when they saw the advertisements while going through their Facebook News Feed. It is the same for Google Ads too. These advertisements target local people with specific interests and it is easy to attract them with this kind of marketing strategy.

Advertise on Facebook and Google Ads,salon digital marketing strategies

10. Online appointment booking

An online appointment booking system will surely bring more clients because your client hardly has time to call for an appointment. They can book an appointment through your website or mobile app even when they are on the go. You can also provide your email address for correspondence.

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Hopefully, these salon digital marketing strategies would improve your client base and grow your salon business.

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